Book club

Center Church Book Study
The next meeting of the Center Church book study will take place on Thursday, July 28, at noon in Tower Office No. 250.  We will be covering Chapter 5.  Please join us. 



The World Missions Committee is welcoming new members in 2016. Meetings take place every other month—beginning  in        February—and include an annual cookout and Christmas party. If you desire to join the WMC, simply make known your interest to a current member or the World Missions staff.

To volunteer for First Friends or the Missionary Closet Committee, please contact the committee chairmen.

The Prayer Team meets every Wednesday from 5pm-5:45pm in Tower Room 404. Anyone is welcome to come and pray on any Wednesday.  


We have a lot exciting things happening in the next few months at World Missions of First Presbyterian Church.
Check out Calendar for all the upcoming events you won’t want to miss.

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  • june

    1                  Germany Training                                           Tower 260 @ 6pm

    2                 Book Club                                                       Tower 250 @ noon

    5                 Summer Teams Commissioning                     Sanctuary @ 10:55am

    8                 Prayer Team                                                    Tower 302 @ 5pm

    9                 Lunch Bunch Bernie A. of World Relief          Tower 404 @ noon

    10-17           Germany Missions Trip                                    Germany

    10-20          Youth Missions Trip                                          England

    12-23           Peru Missions Trip                                           Peru

    13                WMEC Meeting                                                Tower 404 @ 5pm

    15                Prayer Team                                                     Tower 302 @ 5pm

    16                Lunch Bunch - Tim M.                                      Tower 404 @ noon

    22               Prayer Team                                                     Tower 302 @ 5pm

    23               Book Club                                                         Tower 250 @ noon

    27               Lunch Bunch with Jason and Amber               Tower 404 @ noon

    29               Prayer Team                                                     Tower 302 @ 5pm

    30               Spain Missions Trip

  • July

    1                  Deadline for LEAP/Mexico fees                  

    6                 Prayer Team                                                  Tower 302 @ 5pm

    10-18           LEAP Week Team                                         London, England/UK

    11                 WMEC Meeting                                            Tower 404 @ 5pm

    13                Prayer Team                                                 Tower 302 @ 5pm

    16-23          San Pedro Church VBS Team                      Monterrey, Mexico

    17                Partners Visit - Nantz                                    TBA

    20              Prayer Team                                                  Tower 302 @ 5pm

    27              Prayer Team                                                  Tower 302 @ 5pm

    28               Book Club                                                     Tower 250@ noon